Hope in the Bible: Nehemiah Rebuilt A City

Nehemiah worked as a cup-bearer to the King.  Upon discovering the walls of Jerusalem had broken down and the Jews were in distress, he asked the king for permission to return and rebuild the city. {Nehemiah 1}

The king send him to Judah, where he would serve as governor of the area. His purpose was to rebuild the city, in which he had the kings full support. {Nehemiah 2}

Judah’s enemies didn’t think it possible, but Jeremiah defied them and rebuilt the walls in record time—52 days. {Nehemiah 3-6}

After the wall was rebuilt, Nehemiah worked to repopulate the city and purify the Jewish community. {Nehemiah 7-13}

Nehemiah took an impossible idea and the belief it could be done and he rebuilt the walls in record time. He can inspire all of us trust the Lord in the impossible.

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