Hope in Bible: The Woman at the Well

On his way to Samaria, Jesus stops in Sychar to rest at Jacob’s well.  While there, a woman comes in the middle of the day. {John 4:1-42}

Jesus ask the woman for a drink, which surprises her that a Jew would ask a Samaritan woman. He explains that if she knew who he were, she would ask Him for living water.

She ask for this water and he tells her to call her husband.  She tells him she has no husband and he tells her “You’re right. You’ve had five and the and man you live with now is not your husband.” {John 4:17-18}

The woman calls him a prophet and he tells her the time is coming when the Samaritans will worship in Spirit and truth. He answers her that he is the Messiah.

When the disciples return , she runs into town telling the people about this man she met who told her all she’s done. {John 4:27}

The Samaritans head to meet this Jesus who the woman has told her about and Jesus teaches the Samaritans for two days, many believing in him.  {John 4:39-42}

The woman reminds us that regardless of what we’ve done, the Lord knows and loves us regardless. We have hope in Jesus. 

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