Behind the Doxology: Gloria in Excelsis Deo


“Gloria in excelsis Deo” is a doxology based on the words the angels sang to the shepherds. {Luke 2:14}

Gloria in excelsis Deo~~ Angels appeared with the news of the Saviors birth

“Gloria in excelsis Deo” is often referred to as the Greater Doxology. {Gloria Patri is the lesser doxology}.

The Latin translation is attributed to Saint Hilary of Poitiers {310-367 AD}, the Bishop of Poitiers. This translation is believed to have been commissioned in 382 A.D.

By the 4th Century, the doxology was part of morning prayers.

The word excelsis is used to translate the Greek word for the highest.

“Gloria in excelsis Deo” is alway sung and never spoken.

The musical setting has changed at times over the years. Musical settings or translations have been composed by Antonia Vivaldi, George Frederic Handel, Camille Saint-Saens and most recently, John Rutter.


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