Topic Monday: Domestic Violence Series–Formulating a Plan for the Future

Once I left my abusive relationship, I was at a loss.  Now what?th

The first two months, I was too numb to think or move.  However, with gentle pushes from family, I slowly returned to society.

I’m not saying that healing will come this quickly.  Often it takes years to find healing.  I’m talking about just existing.

However, we must survive, eat, care for the children, work, etc.

This means formulating a plan for the future.

Some questions to ask are:

  1. What are your essential needs
  2. How will you meet these?
  3. What are your dreams and goals?
  4. Are these feasible and doable?
  5. What steps need to be taken to meet these?future
  6. How concerns do I need to address?
  7. Does my plan fit with God’s will for my life?

What questions have you asked in formulating a plan to move forward?

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