Rebel to Redeemed: Finally Redeemed

By summer 2008 life had become very difficult.  Nothing I did was right for Duncan and Mary.  I’d been through numerous jobs and I had no friends.

I was living on an emotional roller coaster and I wasn’t sure how much more I could endure.

repentIn August, we went to Scotland for several weeks to supposedly visit with Duncan’s “family”.  I knew something was wrong, once we arrived and there was no family to visit.  I was made to feel stupid for even asking, although that’s all we discussed for the months leading up to our vacation.

The abuse escalated to an all-time high when Duncan tried to force Mary’s husband and myself into an unsavory situation.

I couldn’t take any more.  One Sunday morning I decided to get away for some time to myself and attend the early morning service at a local kirk {church}.   The early morning service had been cancelled and I was expected back before the regular service began.

I was lost and didn’t know what to do, and then I saw the prayer room.  I entered that room and poured my heart all to Jesus.  I told him everything on my mind and heart and told him everything that was going on.

I asked for his forgiveness and that he please come into my heart again and asked for him to help me change my life.  I confessed that I couldn’t change it on my own.

Slowly, I began to surrender each and every part of my life to him.  First my family and job situations.  Then I told him if he wanted me to use my music, writing and speaking for him then to use me as he would.  Finally, I surrendered the one thing {person} I’d always refused to surrender—my relationship with Duncan.

I admitted to being wrong and that I should have listened years earlier.  I thanked God for protecting me and getting me to this point.

*Name changed

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