Movie Review: Faith of Our Fathers

Are you looking for a reminder of that Patriot spirit?

In our world today, the media portrays that the Patriot spirit is slipping away.   However, Faith of our Fathers shows that spirit is still alive. Faith of Our Fathers

In the movie, John Paul George knows nothing of his father, Steven George, who died in the Vietnam War.  He sets out to discover more about his father and meets Wayne Adams.   Wayne is the son of Eddie Adams, who served alongside Steven George.

John Paul George and Wayne Adams set out to visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC.   Along the way there is discovery and a number of mishaps and adventures.   Their story is intercut with scenes of their fathers during the Vietnam War, using their handwritten letters home as a segue way.

This movie is not only a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice soldiers made for our freedom and country, but also of the impact upon their families.  I found myself both laughing and crying throughout much of the film. There are twist and turns along the way, some of which you don’t expect.

David A.R. White, Candance Cameron Bure, Kevin Downes, Rebecca St. James and Steven Baldwin are some of the better known names that star in this film.  Si Robertson of the Duck Dynasty family also has a guest appearance.

I recommend this film to anyone looking for a positive message of faith and the principles on which this country were founded.

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