Names of God: Elyon

El means god or deity and can refer to any god.

The word Elyon is an epithet of the God of the Israelites, which is found in the Hebrew Bible. The word is translated to mean God Most High.

Elyon was known as an ancient god of Salem, which later became known as Jerusalem and equated with the Lord God.

Searching various translations of the English Bible, the words Elyon is not found. But going back to the Hebrew Bible we do find the word.

And they remembered that God [elōhīm] was their rock,
and the high God [ēl elyōn] their redeemer.
Psalm 78:35

When the Most High (ʿElyōn) divided nations,

he separated the sons of man (Ādām);
he set the bounds of the masses

according to the number of the sons of Israel Deuteronomy 32:8

The Lord (yhwh) thundered from heaven,
and the Most High (ʿelyōn) uttered his voice.
2 Samuel 22:14

For you, Lord (yhwh), are Most High (ʿelyōn) over all the earth;
you are raised high over all the gods.
Psalm 97:9

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