Book Review: Eden Hill by Bill Higgs

Eden Hill is the debut of Bill Higgs, husband of the beloved author, Liz Curtis Higgs.

Virgil T. Osgood is happy with his life, that never seems to change, in Eden Hill, Kentucky.

Then a new gas station opens up right across the road from his and he’s faced with obstacles at his station, in his marriage and in his faith he never imagined facing.

Reverend Caudill strives to be a shepherd and “conduit for grace” in his town that is being challenged with the changes of the early 1960s. He begins asking his congregation some hard questions.

Cornelius Alexander wants his new station to succeed and does all he can to follow the Zippco guide and ensure he’s a success.

The story is strongly based on Jesus words to “love your neighbor”, but shows the real

Bill Higgs

struggles of how to do that when your very existence and all you hold dear is being threatened.

Bill Higgs has a powerful debut novel in Eden Hill that quickly grabbed my attention and left me longing to discover what happened next.  Bill Higgs is a masterful storytelling and proves that talent runs deeply through the entire Higgs household.

The story will warmly take you back to the days of the early 60s and even make you feel as if you’re visiting your own small hometown or Andy Griffith’s

Liz Curtis Hills and Bill Higgs


The story is full of heartache, love and inspiration.  The characters are well developed and rich individuals whom you will quickly grow to love.

If you love history and nostalgia, you will enjoy this book.

P.S. If you’re a fan of Liz Curtis Higg’s this is a great time to check out her newest book, The Women of Easter.

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