Rebel to Redeemed: Discovering Where I Fit In

I was home, but I had no idea where I fit in.  I felt like an outsider.  I felt as if I were an interloper on someone else’s life.

Sometimes it takes time to discover where we fit in

Sometimes it takes time to discover where we fit in

The first two months back, I wanted to do nothing.  I was still numb and in shock.  I was still struggling to internally process everything that had taken place.  I much preferred to bury myself into the happier stories I found in books.

I had to do some honest assessment about who I was and what I really wanted in life.  I knew what my dreams and hopes were, but I wasn’t ready to do more than acknowledge them at the moment.

I wondered if the pain would ever go away, but knew that in time it would.

I made the conscious decision to forgive {which wasn’t easy} and to not allow this experience to turn me into a bitter or angry person.  I knew before I could do anything I had to find healing.

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