Lessons from King David: David, the Father

While David had numerous sons, there is little that we know about most of them.

But, what we do know about his children tells us a lot about David as a father.

David only has one daughter mentioned by name in scriptures. That daughter is Tamar. She was raped by her half-brother-Amnon.

“King David heard the whole story and was enraged, but he didn’t discipline Amnon. David doted on him because he was his firstborn.” {2 Samuel 13:21}

David did absolutely nothing.

Tamar lived the remainder of her life in the home of her brother, Absalom. “She lived in his home and became “bitter and desolate”. {2 Samuel 13:20}

Clearly, Tamar did not have a happy life and became embittered by it. However, Absalom named his own daughter, Tamar, in honor of his sister.

So, let’s take a look at the few sons we do know something about.

Amnon–he loved his half-sister, Tamar, so much that he refused to marry her but raped

Absalom killed Amnon for raping his sister

her instead. Then he was filled with hate for her. Two years later, he was killed by Absalom for what he did to Tamar. {2 Samuel 13}

Notice the passage above about Tamar, that “David doted on him…his firstborn.”

Absalom–tells his sister, Tamar, to do nothing about Amnon raping her. Yet, he takes her into his home and cares for her the remainder of his life. He then names a daughter after his sister.

Absalom kills Amnon for raping Tamar and then has to flee. He finally returns three years later, but another two years pass before he is allowed before his father.

Then he builds support for himself, declares himself king and raises a revolt at Hebron and sleeps with his father’s concubines. David even had to take refuge from his own son.

David welcomed Absalom home

His head is caught in the oak tree he is riding underneath and he hangs from the tree where Joan comes and kills him.

Yet, David mourned for his son when he died.

Adonijah–after the death of his older brothers, he began to raise his own entourage. But David did nothing about this.

“His father had spoiled him rotten as a child, never once reprimanding him.” {1 Kings 1:6}

Adonijah tries to usurp the throne, but Solomon is anointed king. Even after this, he tried to marry Abishag {who kept David warm} but Solomon refused. Solomon has him put to death {1 Kings 2}.

Solomon–was the son of Bathsheba and followed his father, David, to the throne as King of Israel.

David reminded Solomon to serve the Lord with all his heart. {1 Chronicles 28:9-10}

Solomon became king when David died and listened to his mother, Bathsheba

Much is written about Solomon, so for time’s sake we will look at a few highlights.

Solomon is famous for his wisdom when God asked what he wanted from him. The Queen of Sheba came to visit due to his wisdom and Solomon built the temple of the Lord. In the beginning, he seems to have walked with the Lord.

But, he had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Solomon’s “wives turned his heart after other gods” {1 Kings 11:4} and the “the Lord punishes Solomon by removing 10 of the 12 Tribes of Israel from the Israelites.” {1 Kings 11:30-34}

Taking a look at David’s children, we see that he was flawed as a father. He did little to discipline them and allowed them to do whatever they wanted {for the most part}.

Yet, he greatly loved his children and mourned their losses.

He also sought to teach his children to love the Lord and serve him with all their hearts.

As a parent do you provide Godly discipline to your children? Do you teach your children to serve the Lord with all your heart?

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