Couples in the Bible: Jacob and Rachel

When Jacob arrives at his Uncle Laban’s, the first person he meets is his cousin, Rachel.  {Genesis 29}

Rachel is the younger of Laban’s two daughters. Rachel is described as “beautiful in form and appearance.” {Genesis 29:17}

Jacob loved Rachel and agreed to work seven years for her. “But they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her.” {Genesis 29:20}

When the time came to marry, Laban married his oldest, Leah, to Jacob. After his bridal week with Leah, Jacob married Rachel.

And Jacob “loved Rachel more than Leah”. {Genesis 29:30}

Rachel remained barren while Leah gave birth to multiple children and Rachel became envious of her sister. Eventually, she took her servant Bilhah, and gave to Jacob. Bilhah bore two sons and then her sister had more children. {Genesis 30}

Leah was left to comfort Jacob when Rachel died and help raise her sister’s children

Finally, God remembered Rachel and she gave birth to a son she named Joseph. {Genesis 30:22-24}

When it came time for Jacob and his family to leave Laban, Rachel stole his idols. Jacob did not know the idols had been taken until Laban took them. So Jacob vowed “anyone with whom you find your gods shall not live.”  {Genesis 31:32}

Laban searched through Jacob’s camp but could not find them. Rachel sat on them but claimed to be menstruating. The two men finally reached an understanding and departed from one another. Laban made Jacob promise to never oppress his daughters or take another wife other than his daughters. Early the next morning, Laban departed and left his daughters and grandchildren. {Genesis 31}

Eventually Rachel becomes pregnant again and dies in childbirth to a son she name Ben-oni, but his father called him Benjamin. {Genesis 35:16-29}

Jacob set up a pillar over her grave.

Lessons from Jacob and Rachel:

  1. Love can happen at first sight
  2. When we do something for someone we love it doesn’t seem like work
  3. Playing favorite’s causes problems
  4. We envy those who do have what we want and don’t have
  5. Sometimes God shines favor down on us
  6. We should never steal
  7. When we make a vow, God holds us to it

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