Couples in the Bible: Hosea and Gomer

Hosea was a prophet of the Lord who told him to marry Gomer “a wife of whoredom”.  {Hosea 1:2}

The name Hosea means salvation or he saves.

The Lord told Hosea his wife would be unfaithful but their marriage would serve as a correlation to God’s relationship with an “adulterous” Israel.

After the couple had children, Gomer was unfaithful. The Lord told Hosea to buy back his wife and love her. {Hosea 3}

Hosea did as instructed and prophesized about God and the children of Israel. He foretold of the fall of Israel and the Lord’s promised redemption of his people. {Hosea 4-14}

Lessons from Hosea and Gomer:

  1. Sometimes the Lord ask us to do the inconceivable
  2. Forgiveness is a choice
  3. Reconciliation isn’t easy but it is impossible


  • Chingwu Chen

    Would you pick up a traditional hymn which fits “Hosea and Gomer”?
    Appreciate you for many of your wonderful hymn stories, expect more of your production.


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