Christmas Song Story: Candlelight Carol

John Rutter, an English composer and conductor, wrote Candlelight Carol in 1984. He recorded the song with his own group, the Cambridge Singers. The group released the song on their 1987 album Christmas Night.

The song was commissioned by a church in Pennsylvania celebrating the Virgin Mary. Rutter is said to draw inspiration from the Geertgen’s painting, Nativity at Night.

The song has become popular with choir performing Christmas concerts in the UK.


  • Ronald J Selwyn

    The John Rutter song is beautiful. Great to see it performed live. And the music surrounds the words so well. I would have loved this song even before I was born again like a Christmas carol and my senses would have been engaged but now my heart is moved knowing that Jesus stooped down offering so much more than the song describes. Thank you for posting.

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