Wellness Tuesday–5 Ways to Change Deeply Ingrained Beliefs

Last week, I shared how deeply ingrained beliefs have often thwarted my weight loss journey.

This week I want to discuss some ways to that have helped me begin to change my thinking process.  I’ll admit before we   that this hasn’t always been easy.  I often feel that I take one step forward and two steps back.  What I’ve found is important is to keep picking myself up and moving forward.  Sometimes this is easier said than done.

Reading Can Change Your Thinking

Reading Can Change Your Thinking

Reading—I’ve discovered that reading is a huge help in keeping me motivated and helping me to learn.  This includes reading success stories, learning about health, nutrition and exercise; reading about other’s struggles and reading inspirational stories.  I both physically read books, magazines and listen to audio books. I really enjoy reading the First Place 4 Health books by Carole Lewis and Vicki Heath.  I always learn so much from them and find myself inspired.  Other books I have enjoyed are PrayFit, Reshaping It All, Bod4God, Fat Chance, Made to Crave and The Daniel PlanFirst Place 4 Health also has a number of devotionals.  Each week Woman’s World magazine also has an inspirational weight loss story.

Writing—I often write out my struggles, why this is a struggle, and how to change that struggle.  This isn’t easy and I really have to dig deep and do some soul searching.  However, seeing it in black and white really helps me to “see” what my thoughts are.

Positive Thinking—I write out positive thoughts and either repeat them verbally or rewrite them several times each day.  I’ll admit I’ve not done this in a while but see a HUGE difference in my attitude when I commit to positive thinking.

Hypnosis—okay, so not everyone may agree with this and that’s okay.  However, I’ve discovered that my thoughts are so

Change Your Thought Process

Change Your Thought Process

ingrained that I need additional help.   I’ve used CDs in the past and have found that I do see a difference in my thoughts and attitudes when I use these on a regular basis.  You have to commit to doing this daily, though.  However, some allow you to listen while you sleep.  The friend I mentioned last week shared that she has also used hypnosis CDs and has noticed a big difference.

Prayer—I find that prayer and Bible Study is a HUGE help.  This isn’t a once a week or even once a day process.  I find that this is a continual aspect.  Every time I notice I am struggling, have a problem, procrastinate, or just don’t feel like doing it I have to turn to prayer and ask God for help.  I’ll be honest and tell you this is something I continue to work on because I don’t often ask for help the way I should.

How do you change your thoughts and beliefs?

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