Seeing Through the Lies

          From the moment I met my husband, he told me lies.  When I realized this many years later, I was angry.  I was angry at him for lying to me, but I was angry at myself for not seeing through his lies. Some of the lies were easy to discover.   Lies such as: –I was […]

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Beware of Deception

I learned the hard way that deceptive people look just like the rest of us.  In my situation this person wore a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde face.  Around myself and two other people, this person was their true self.  For a long time I was blinded, but I soon realized I was dealing with a devilish person.  However, in front of […]

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This Too Will Pass

This Too Shall Pass

Two weeks ago I would have celebrated my anniversary. I wish I could tell you it was a good relationship, but from the beginning it was full of nothing but lies, manipulation and abuse. Unfortunately I refused to see or hear the warning signs, even when loved ones tried to help me. It took me three years to gain the […]

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