Book Review: Called to Forgive

Living in South Carolina, I remember the heartbreaking tragedy of the Emmanuel Nine. 

What was meant to town a community apart, instead brought them together.  This was a surprise to so many.

In Called to Forgive, Anthony Thompson shares a firsthand account of this terrible tragedy.  He shares about his wife Myra, as she prepared to teach Bible study that fateful night, and receiving the news of her horrific death.  However, he also shares his decision to forgive the shooter and to practice Biblical forgiveness.

He shares of other tragedies which have occurred and the reactions of the survivors and victim’s family members in candid detail.

The subject matter in this book is not an easy subject to read about, however Thompson is honest and candid about this terrible tragedy,  how it changed his life and his decision to forgive the man who took his wife away from him. You can feel his heart and earnestness in sharing his journey.

This is a book which can bring about healing and teach about Biblical forgiveness.

*I received this book for free from Bethany House in exchange for my honest opinion

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