Book Review: Dear Mary

Having read Sarah Jakes Colliding with Destiny I was excited to read her next book, Dear Mary.Dear Mary

Dear Mary are letters written to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, interspersing her life with examples of current day motherhood interspersed, primarily using examples from the authors life.

The book was very well written and provided a great insight into the life, heart, concerns and struggles of today’s mother. Many of the recollections included the author’s life as a single mother

Reading the book, as a woman that is not a mother but always longed to be one, gave me a new insight and appreciation for the trials and frustrations as well as the victories and celebrations a mother encounters on a daily basis.

As a woman that strives to be a role model to younger women, Dear Mary, reminded me of what a daunting, but important and life changing characteristic this is to possess.

Dear Mary also helps to shine a light on some of the issues Mary, the Mother of Jesus faced in her own day.

I highly recommend this book to all mothers and even to women who serve as role models for younger girls.


I received this book free from the publisher for an honest review. The thoughts are all my own.

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