Book Review: Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers

Are you the prodigal child?  Are you the parent of a prodigal?  Have you struggled with belonging and acceptance?

Bridge to HavenBridge to Haven shares all of these themes and much more.

Pastor Ezekiel Freeman heart is stolen by the wailing newborn he finds abandoned under a bridge one night.  Abra is a special child and deeply loved by many, but she is unable and unwilling to accept this love.  She is young and naïve, when a fast talking bad boy proclaims his love and she runs off with him.  She eventually ends up in 1950s Hollywood and becomes a huge star, known as Lena Scott.  The scars are etched deep and she is lured and she can only run so fast and hard from the past.  Life continues to throw her curve balls and hardships as she lives the life of a star, but fame comes at a price.  Will Abra be able to forgive herself?

Having been the prodigal child, I could relate to Abra’s struggles.  I’m thankful to have had people like Pastor Ezekiel Freeman in my life that continuously prayed for me during these difficult times.

Author Francine Rivers realistically explores what it is like to live in the lures of the world.  Life isn’t pretty at times and bad decisions are made.  I applaud her for delving into such a difficult subject matter and providing a realistic portrayal of life among womanizers, drugs, drinking, users and so much more.  She does not show life as a constant bed of roses, because it isn’t, but in a realistic manner.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone, but especially someone struggling with the temptations of the world.  She proved that there are consequences for actions, not everyone is ready to surrender to God and not everything can be tied up in a neat package.

I loved the realistic matter of the storyline.  This is one book you defiantly don’t want to miss out on.

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