Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

After reading the guidelines, if you would like to submit an article contact me.

Articles  I’m looking for from guest bloggers

  • A lesson you’ve learned
  • A struggle you’ve had and how you’ve overcome it; how did God help you or work in your life
  • Stories of how God has worked or moved in your life
  • Stories of acts of kindness or brotherly love with a Christian message
  • Stories of survival or a miracle in your life
  • A devotional
  • Stories of changes towards wellness you made in your life
    Ex.   {weight loss, financial independence, kicking an addiction, finding peace, etc}
  • Other articles will be considered with a spiritual message
  • Excerpts from books are acceptable which share a Christian message

What I Expect from a Guest Blogger

  • No profanity
  • That you will share how God worked through this experience
  • That you will submit the article at least two weeks before publication
  • That you will provide any pictures, links, videos or other information to be included
  • That you will publicize the article on Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites

What I promise

  • That I have the right to edit the article as fit for my subscribers
  • That I have the right to refuse the article
  • That I will keep you informed of when the article will be published
  • That I will acknowledge you on Twitter and Facebook

Please Keep In Mind

  • The article should include a passage of scripture
  • The article should have a take away
  • I will NO LONGER accept any submissions without a picture of the guest blogger
  • You MUST have an active website or two active social media accounts
  • When you contact me, please provide 2-3 links to other articles you’ve written {especially if we do not know one another}
  • If you’re a graduate of Christian Communicators Conference or a member of Word Girls, Word Weavers or ACFW or we have met at a conference please let me know

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