Blinded to the Truth

I recently heard Dr. Charles Stanley say “Satan always blinds you and says you will be fine without showing you the consequences.”

I thought about how this related to an abusive relationship.

The abuse began so subtly. Oh, there were plenty of red flags but I choose to ignore them, even when the Lord tried to warn me. I refused to listen to anyone, including my family and the Lord.

Not until a year later did I wake up to the realization I was in an abusive relationship. It happened so slowly.

But, I could no longer lie to myself. Yet, I was also unwilling to leave.

That would take another two years of living in hell and on an emotional roller coaster.

When we had peace, I longed for things to remain that way, but it never lasted long. Soon we were back on roller coaster and I was screaming inside to get off.

Not until I was willing to surrender everything to the Lord, including my relationship, did God step in and begin working to remove me from that situation.

However, it did not happen automatically and it did not happen immediately.

Deception often happens slowly

As the Lord worked over the next five months, our relationship began to deteriorate until it was irretrievably broken, but the Lord worked to strengthen and build me up during that time.

John 12:40 says, “He has blinded their eyes and hardened their heart, lest they see with their eyes, and understand with their heart, and turn, and I would heal them.”

Are your eyes blinded to a certain situation? Have you called out to God? Are you willing to surrender that situation to the Lord?


Often we are blinded to the truth until one day we awake to discover #domesticviolence Share on X

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