Being Abused Is Not for the Weak

When I was being abused I was constantly told that I weak.

When my husband found me reading my Bible or praying he would say, “you can’t do that. God doesn’t want to hear from you until you are well.”

“And what does it take to become well?” I often asked.

“You know.” He would turn around and walk off without a single point. It took me a long time to realize he was using this tactic to beat me down and actually keep me away from the Lord.

One day the Lord opened my eyes. He loved me and wanted me just the way I was. With all of the warts, sin, mistakes and regrets I had. Only when I surrendered to Him, could He begin to work. After all, “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” {Romans 3:23}

What made you stronger?

Often people have the misunderstanding that women who are abused are weak, uneducated, self-destructive and powerless.


We are stronger than we ever imagined because of the abuse.

I have a Bachelor’s degree, but I’ve known of individuals with a PhD that were in an abusive relationship.

Some women may have self-destructive patterns, but I didn’t. My desire was to be loved and honor the commitment I’d made.

Our abuser wants us to believe we are powerless and dependent on them. But we are NOT. That doesn’t mean the journey ahead will be smooth or easy, but we can make it without them.

What misconceptions do you have about an abused person in your life?

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