Behind the Song: Why Me Lord?

When trials come into our lives it is easy to question the circumstances and ask Why Me, Lord?

The classic country gospel song, Why Me, Lord? was written by Kris Krisofferson.

The song was inspired by Larry Gatlin’s song Help Me Lord.

Kris Kristofferson

Kristofferson attended a church service where Gatlin’s song was sung. “As Kristofferson explained that the pastor asked, “Is anybody feeling lost?” “Up goes my hand,” Kristofferson said. The pastor followed up by asking if Kristofferson was ready to accept Christ into his life. “I’m kneeling there,” Kristofferson continued, “and I carry a big load of guilt around…and I was just out of control, crying. It was a release. It really shook me up.” Kristofferson called the whole thing a profound religious experience.”

Kristofferson recorded the song in 1972 and it became the greatest hit of his career. The song was released on his 1973 album Jesus was a Capricorn.

Today, Kristofferson closes his concerts with this song.

The song reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart and became a certified gold record.

Numerous country artists have recorded the song including Connie Smith, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, George Jones, David Allan Coe, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, The Gaither Vocal Band and Elvis Presley.

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  • Hi, Diana! Long time, no contact! I hope all is going well in your life. I love this song and had heard this story on the Ken Burns documentary. It was so touching! May God bless you with a wonderful week ahead!

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