Behind the Song Sunday: Because He Lives


Bill Gaither

Bill Gaither

Because He Lives, was written by Bill and Gloria Gaither. The couple are still a popular Southern Gospel performers and songwriters of our day. The couple met while they were both teachers and were married in 1962. By the end of the 1960s, the Gaither’s had two daughters and were expecting their third child. They were traveling and singing with Bill’s brother, Danny, as the Bill Gaither Trio.

However, the couple “had not written any songs in a while and were going through a dry spell creatively”. They were discouraged by the activities taking place in the world at that time. This was Gloria Gaitherduring the peak of the Vietnam War. A “God is dead” movement was taking place. They felt that this was a poor time to have a child.

Gloria gave birth to a son the named Benji. The couple realized that life is worth living because of Christ. No matter how unsure the future, Christ would guide their son the whole way. The couple then wrote the now popular song. The second verse begins “How Sweet to hold a new born baby and feel the pride and joy he gives,” this was written thinking about their new son, Benji.

Is life worth living for you? Can you face tomorrow ‘Because He Lives’?


Behind the Song: Because He Lives 

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