Why I Asked God for Help Out of My Abusive Situation

prayer in abuseOne of the reasons I stayed in a domestic violence relationship for so long was because of my religious beliefs.

I really struggled with leaving a marriage and obtaining a divorce due to my beliefs.  I believe that marriage is a lifetime commitment that should not be taken likely.

However, I tried counseling, open communication, and the numerous other techniques we are told to use.  Over time the abuse continued to escalate instead of getting better.  Nothing I did was ever right or good enough.abuse

One day near the end, I’d had enough and cried out in pain to God.  I could not go back into that situation any longer.  I was done in both emotionally and mentally.

I asked God for a sign.  Within an hour I came across the following verse, “It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife.” {Proverbs 21:9}

Apparently, God felt this was important because in Proverbs 25:24 he repeats the phrase.

I knew I’d received my sign, but an hour later I received an even larger sign when my family contacted me out of the blue, after years of being cut off from one another.

prayLess than two months later, when events came to a head and I was left with no money or place to go, my family was there for me.

Each situation is different, but God knows the pain of an abused woman {or man}.  The best place to turn is to God and ask Him what to do?

At times I wondered if he was there and heard me or even cared, but in my moment of need God provided.

Join the Conversation: How has God provided for you in a domestic violence situation?

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