Faithful Heroes: Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray was a South African writer, teacher and Christian pastor. He considered missions to be “the chief end of the church”.

Andrew Murray, Jr. was the second child of Andrew Murray, Sr. and Maria Sussanna Stegmann. He was born on May 9, 1928 in Graaff Reinet, South Africa.

He and his older brother, John, received their education in Aberdeen, Scotland. Both men obtained mastor’s degrees in 1845 and then studied theology at the University of Utrecht.

Andrew Murray

Andrew and his brother John were ordained the the Hague Committee of the Dutch Reformed Church on May 9, 1848 before returning to the Western Cape, South Africa.

On July 2, 1856 he married Emma Rutherford. The couple would have eight children together.

He was a champion of the South African Revival of 1860.

In 1889, he was one of the founders of the South African General Mission and the South East Africa General Mission. The two organizations merged in 1894. {Operates uder the name Serving in Mission today.}

He is believed to have written more than 240 books and tracks. He was a significant forerunner of the Pentecostal Movement.

Andrew Murray died on January 18, 1917 in South Africa at the age of eighty-eight.


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