Wellness Tuesday: A Wakeup Call

In my day job I work in a rehab center.  We have short term stays with people that have knee replacements, hip replacements and other health issues.  On top of these wonderful individuals I work with, I’ve had friends and family members that have struggled and dealt with health issues due to being overweight.   Watching the struggle these loved ones have with their health due to the additional weight is heartbreaking.  Particularly, when the issues result in an early death.

Life has presented wake up calls lately, but still putting action to it isn't always easy

Life has presented wake up calls lately, but still putting action to it isn’t always easy

All of these are a wakeup call for me. I see the effect the additional weight I carry takes on my knees, back and other health issues that are provided.

I know this is a major wake up call for me, however as I’ve mentioned in the last two weeks, finding that momentum to keep going is not always easy.  Losing weight takes a lot of hard work.  Work that my spirit is willing to put in, but my body is not always willing to put in.

However, I know I have to keep going and pushing myself to get healthy.  Even when I don’t want to.  I have a firsthand seat to what will happen if I don’t put in the work and make the changes I need to.

That doesn’t mean that it’s easy and I always do the right thing.  I need to remember to ask myself with each step “what is the next right step.”

What has been a wakeup call for your weight loss journey?

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