In the Struggle: A Milestone Birthday

I usually discuss my struggle with my weight and learning to live a healthy lifestyle on Tuesday’s.   Today, I want to discuss a different kind of struggle.


Sometimes with our birthday comes growth, as we learn to accept the changes of another year

This month is a milestone birthday for me.  One that ends with a 0 at the end of the number.

For the past four to five years I have dreaded this coming birthday and allowed it to weigh me down.

My life is nothing the way I envisioned it would be when I turned forty.   After all, I thought I would be married, have children, have tenure in a job I loved, be healthy, and be pursing my passions of music and writing.

Instead, I am divorced, with no children {would love to have them eventually}, starting in a new career field {which I love}, working on living healthy, and pursing my passions of music and writing.

Nothing has turned out the way I planned, hoped or wanted.   Some of this is because of my own mistakes and decisions.  Others are for reasons that only God knows or understand.


Turning 40 was a challenge, but God got me through it

In the past six months, I’ve began to see a change in how I approached this birthday.  I can’t take any of the credit.  This is because God has gotten hold of me and began to change my heart and thought process.

He’s shown me that although my life isn’t the way I desired, I am still serving him.  I may not have children of my own, but through my care of senior adults I have a hosts of “children” I’d have never had before.

Although I’m divorced, I’m safe and not in an abusive marriage.  I am better off keeping my eyes focused on Him and trusting His will for my life.

Is that always easy?  No.   Do I still have moments when I struggle?  Yes.   Do I have a friend to take this concern to?  Yes, His name is Jesus.    Will He help me?  Absolutely.

So slowly, but surely I’m learning to accept and embrace this new chapter and time in my life.  After all, I’ve heard for years that you don’t begin to really live until you’re 40.  So I’m counting on that!

How did you face your last milestone birthday?

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