Book Review: A Marriage Carol

A Marriage Carol
by Gary Chapman and Chris Fabry

I thought that I’d heard, seen or read just about every adaption on Charles Dickens famous, A Christmas Carol.  However, A Marriage Carol was a

A Marriage Carl is a great read

A Marriage Carl is a great read

refreshing take on this story.   This is not only a feel good story, but one that makes you really stop to think and analyze your marriage or relationships, if you’re single.

The story starts out on a Christmas Eve when a couple is headed to sign their divorce papers.  They have an accident that prevents them from

completing their journey.  Through a series of events, Marlee watches her and her husband,  Jake,  in the early days of their marriage, view the toil the breakup of the marriage is taking on their family and see alternating outcomes to the future of their relationship.

There were several twists and turns which I greatly enjoyed and did not always see coming.  In the end lives were changed, but not just those that were in the book.

Whether you are married or single, happy or facing divorce, I strongly encourage you to read this book by Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages and Chris Fabry.

I enjoyed this book so much that I read it twice in a row, something I don’t normally do.  The book is a quick read that you will not regret.  You will look twice at those around you by the time you finish the novel.



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