Movie Review: 90 Minutes in Heaven

Having heard Don Piper speak, I  was enticed to read his books several years ago.   I knew this would be a powerful movie based on his testimony.

The movie shows the power of overcoming and triumphing adversity.90 Min

If you don’t know Rev. Piper’s story, he was in a terrible car accident in 1989.  He died for 90 minutes.  However, a fellow minister in the area prayed over him and he returned to life.  The following year was a difficult time of adjustment, healing and readjustment.

His wife, Eva, his church family and dear friends kept encouraging him and pushing him in those moments when he wanted to give up and die.

The movie shares his story and the memories he has of going to heaven during the time he’d died. Don Piper

This is a great storytelling of his story.  However, there are many parts of the movie that are difficult to watch.  Seeing the struggles Rev. Piper and his family endured are painful to watch and one can imagine how much more painful it was for him to live through this experience.

However, out of the ashes God brought about a wonderful testimony and ministry for Rev. Piper.

If you enjoyed Heaven is for Real or if you have heard Rev. Piper speak or read his books then you will enjoy this movie.

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