Topic Monday: Domestic Violence Series–7 Ways a Domestic Violent Marriage Can be Restored

Everyone hopes and wishes that their relationship could be salvaged at some point.  By the time separation comes this may not be as big of an issue.

So can a domestic violent relationship be restored?  I believe they can at certain times. I Still Do

  1.  When the abuser acknowledges they have a problem
  2.  When true repentance is made
  3.  When the abuser {and person that has been abused} received separate professional help {later you can seek joint counseling}
  4.  When the person that has been abused feels safe
  5.  When any restraining orders have expired
  6.  If and only if the person that has been abused wants to
  7. When both parties seek God’s help and wisdom both together and separately

Have you known of a relationship that was saved after abuse?

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