7 Tips to a Healthier Lifestyle

Last week, I shared the benefits a friend of my had found in working with a nutritionist.

However, what if you can’t afford a nutritionist?  I’ve wanted to work with a nutritionist for years, but my finances have not allowed me that opportunity.

So, what do you if that’s not an option? How do you move towards living a healthier lifestyle?

We all need friends to support and encourage us

We all need friends to support and encourage us

  1. Read everything you can about nutrition and health. Read articles, as well as blogs and newsletters of nutritionists.
  2. Join a weight loss support group {First Place 4 Health and Weight Watchers are two suggestions}
  3. Learn from friends who live a wellness life
  4. Research menus and options before eating out
  5. Find friends to support you
  6. Discover your motivation to become healthy
  7. Keep trying and don’t give up

How do you stay motivated to live a healthier lifestyle?

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