Topic Monday: Domestic Violence Series–7 Opportunities for Escalated Anger in Domestic Violence

When a woman leaves a violent relationship is one of the most dangerous times for a woman.  Often the man is angry and will not give up until he either has his wife back or has retaliated.   Some thoughts to be aware of:

  1. Men will say or do anything necessary in order to convince you to return.  This may even including romancing you and black rosereturning to courtship days.
  2. Often when a woman returns to an abusive situation, violence is at an all-time high.
  3. Meeting—never meet a spouse alone.  Often this is when you hear of increased accounting of violence.  Take a brother or father or grown child with you if possible and let others know, including where you are meeting and when you will phone that you are back safely.
  4. Tracing—when I left, my ex-husband did everything he could to find me and where I was.  I had to be very careful in what I did and said and who knew where I was.  Take every precaution because your husband may be determined to find you.
  5. Stalking—often men will stalk and keep track of everything you do, including where you go and who you see.
  6. Kidnapping—this is not a common occurrence we often hear about, but it is always a possibility.
  7. Increased violence—sadly, we hear time and again on the news where the violence has escalated to murder or attempted murder.

This is not meant to scare any woman considering leaving an abusive relationship.  This is meant to inform of the possibilities, so she can take any and every precaution necessary to prevent this from happening.

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