Topic Monday: Domestic Violence Series–7 Benefits of Abuse Shelters

Abuse shelters are there to help women and children escaping an abusive relationship.  Unfortunately, many work on minuscule budgets and staff.  The shelters want to do more but are unable to due to financial concerns and lack of staff.

However, shelters offer many wonderful resources.  These include:

Inside the room of an abuse shelter

Inside the room of an abuse shelter


  1. Privacy—privacy is of the utmost urgency.
  2. A safe place– abuse shelters do not provide or publish their locations to the public.
  3. A bed—shelters have beds or cots for women and children to sleep.
  4. Resources—often shelters have resources for providing a job, place to live, etc.
  5. A Plan—shelters often help you develop a plan for moving forward
  6. Counseling—many shelters have counseling sessions and/or groups for healing
  7. Education—often shelters provide education or partner with schools or companies that provide education to prepare for a self-sustaining job.

How has an abuse shelter helped you?

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