Wellness Tuesday: 5 Ways Being Overweight Takes a Toll on My Health

Back pain is no fun...

Back pain is no fun…






As I grow older I recognize more and more each day the effect being overweight is taking on my joints. This makes me even more determined than ever to change my habits and gain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the effects I’ve noticed on my joints are:

Take every precaution to avoid arthritis....

Take every precaution to avoid arthritis….

  1. Back pain—I deal with both upper and lower back pain and at times this can be very intense.  I’ve discussed before how this has derailed my ability to exercise and greatly frustrated me at times.
  2. High blood pressure—this is one conversation I have with my doctor on a regular basis.  I’ve discovered that when I exercise and eat a fair portion of fruits and vegetables I am able to lower my blood pressure in a natural manner.
  3. Arthritis—I’ve dealt with Uncle Arthur for years and he is not a fun guest to have.  I never know when he is going to act up, but I do know he visits my knees and other joints on a regular basis.
  4. High Cholesterol—this is another factor the doctor warns me about and I am discovering and learning what needs to be done to keep my levels where they need to be.
  5. Swollen feet—this is often an issue when I’ve had too much sodium.  At times I’m amazed at how much sodium is in various foods.  I was trying to explain sodium to my grandmother one day and she said “but I don’t salt my food.”  Sodium is naturally in foods, long before we even think about adding salt to the food.

Join the Conversation: What toil does being overweight take on your health?

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