3 Strategies To Move On From Abuser

Last week, I shared 9 strategies when you want to return to the chaos.   But, in addition to longing for the old, unhealthy patterns you may discover that you can’t stop thinking about the man you left behind.

often letting go is very difficult…whether it is of our memories or our ideal

After all, you were together for years, you loved him, you may have children together, you have a past, and love does not just die overnight.   Even after years of being treated like dirt, that does not mean the love died, especially if there were still good times in between.

I remember often thinking during the good times, if it was always like this, but the good times did not last for long.

Still, even years after leaving I still felt myself thinking about him and longing for him.

So, what did I do?

First, I realized that I was longing to be loved more than I was longing for him

  • I found other ways to occupy my mind
  • Find a favorite place or key word to replace the thoughts of this individual
  • Prayer—anytime he comes to mind pray for his well-being, ask God to remove him for your heart or lift another need up to God {you could even pray for others}

What is your hearts desire?

Psalm 20:14 says, “May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your purpose.”

If we trust in God, he will install in us the desires of our heart and they will become more and more like his desire for our lives.  In the meantime, if we allow him, he will also remove those things and people that are harmful from our life.

How do you change your mindset to stop thinking about him?

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