3 Reasons to Step Out in Faith


For years I have had several opportunities I wanted to pursue, but I’ve allowed fear to impede my path and stop me from pursuing the chance.

At times we feel that we will be cracked if we take a chance

Recently, I’ve felt God urging me to move forward and step out in faith.

In a sermon I was listening to not long ago, Dr. Charles Stanley spoke exactly on this issue.

He said:

  • Obey God and leave all of the consequences to him.
  • God is responsible for the consequences of our obedience, WE are responsible for the consequences of our disobedience
  • You absolutely cannot foretell and foresee what God is going to do in your life until you obey what He tells you to do today.

But sometimes we have to take a leap of faith

So, I realized that I could not allow fear to impede me and I have to step out in faith and take a chance.   However, with each step I also continue to pray and seek God’s guidance.  I want to make sure that I remain in His will.

How has fear impeded your step?  How have you stepped out in faith?

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