21 Ways to Include Jesus in Your Christmas?

Do you include Jesus in your holiday celebrations?

Do you include Jesus in your holiday celebrations?



As we prepare to celebrate Christmas day, how often do we leave Jesus out of the day?

The day that we celebrate His birth.  After all, Jesus is the Reason for the season.

Yet, we often forget to say as much as a Thank You to Him for coming to earth as a baby, living on earth 33 years, dying on the cross for our sins and rising from the grave.

So how can we include Jesus in His own Birthday celebration?

  1. Read the Story of His birth in Luke 2

    Sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus

    Sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus

  2. Take a moment of silence to say Thank you
  3. Have the children act out the story of His birth
  4. Have a birthday cake for Him and sing “Happy birthday”
  5. Leave a place at the head of the table for Him
  6. Give the gift of giving—help a person in need and teach the children about giving. There are many children, elderly, homeless, sick, etc. in need of help and love.
  7. Have a stocking for Jesus. Let each member write a letter and place it in the stocking.
  8. Attend Christmas Eve service at a local church.
  9. Set your nativity in a central place in the house. If you have young children, I’ve seen where some hide the baby Jesus and allow the children to find Him.  You can then share how lost we are when Jesus is missing from our lives.
  10. Discuss the meaning behind the symbols of Christmas.
  11. Give God a special gift just for Him. We sacrifice something meaningful for Lent, so why not for Christmas?
  12. Take a group Christmas Caroling at a local nursing home or children’s home
  13. Watch a movie about the birth and life of Jesus {The Nativity Story, The Passion of the Christ, Son of God, The Greatest Story Ever Told, & Jesus of Nazareth}
  14. Share stories of how Christ has worked in your life this past year

    Visit a nursing facility and go Christmas Caroling

    Visit a nursing facility and go Christmas Caroling

  15. Present the Three Gifts of the Wise Men to the Christ child {this is great for children, also}
  16. Family Christmas Devotions during the Christmas season
  17. Light the Advent wreath each day leading up to Christmas and share part of the Christmas story
  18. Attend a Passion Play performance at a local church
  19. Decorate your tree with Chrismon ornaments or Christian ornaments
  20. Invite a person to join you that either has no family or is unable to be with family for the holiday. Go a step farther and give them a gift {especially if you know if there is something the person needs.}
  21. Years ago, I attended a Walk through Bethlehem. If one if in your area, attend that.  If not, build your own at home and reflect on the life and culture of the First Century.
  22. Bonus: Using the names of Jesus—discuss and pray over these and find a way to display them {be creative, but some ideas include banners, Christmas ornaments, Christmas balls, plastic bulbs, etc. You can also purchase pre-made ornaments, but is it as meaningful?}

How do you keep Jesus in Christmas?

This video is an example of a Walk Through Bethlehem many church produce and portray



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