Domestic Violence Series: Special Edition–20 Lessons Learned from Domestic Violence


  1. I cannot make someone else love me
  2. I’m only as worthy as I allow myself to be
  3. I am not alone
  4. There is hope
  5. God wants so much more for meLove Yourself
  6. Getting out and moving on will not be easy
  7. Trust can be destroyed in seconds
  8. People’s actions speak louder than their words
  9. It is much easier to react than I think it will be
  10. I am responsible for what I do
  11. I will never get back the years wasted in a toxic relationship
  12. I don’t want to live on a constant rollercoaster
  13. Some people don’t know how to show their hearts
  14. I may love someone, but if the relationship is detrimental to my health I have to love myself and that person enough to walk away {believe me this is NOT easy, but worth it}
  15. Anger will eat away at me, until I choose to let go
  16. Forgiveness takes time and a lot of practice
  17. I don’t need to rush a relationship
  18. I am only as good and healthy as I allow myself to be
  19. I deserve only the best in life
  20. No matter how alone I feel, God will NEVER forsake me
Domestic Violence Ribbon

Domestic Violence Ribbon

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