In the Struggle:10 Benefits of Lemon Water

Restaurants usually ask if you would like lemon with that when ordering water to drink.

So why lemons?

Lemons have numerous nutrients and benefits on the body and our health.

So what are some of the benefits of lemon?

Lemons have health benefits for the body

Lemons have health benefits for the body

  1. Lemon water can detox and cleanse—the citric acid found in lemon enhances the body’s ability to naturally flus out these unwanted toxins.
  2. Improve Digestion—the citric acid in lemon is believed to break down foods that make it easier for digestion.
  3. Helps with weight loss
  4. Boost immune system—lemons are full of Vitamin C, which helps our immune system. This is one reason lemon water helps fight off a common cold.
  5. Freshens breath
  6. Gives energy boost
  7. Benefit to the skin—helps to minimize blemishes and helps with the prevention of wrinkles
  8. Reduce pain and inflammation in joints and knees
  9. Aids digestion—helps to loosens toxins, which relieves symptoms of heartburn, bloating or burping.
  10. Helps to improve the taste of plain water—many people don’t like drinking plain water. This adds a flavor to the water to improve the taste and make it more enjoyable.


While lemon is good for the body, it is not good for the enamel of the teeth.  Most dentist recommend brushing teeth before drinking lemon water instead of after.


However, what do you do if you are like me and don’t care for the taste of lemons?

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