Second Chances: Joseph

Last week we took a look at the second chances God gave Jacob.  Today let’s look at his favorite son, Joseph. Joseph was the first son born of his mother, Rachel.  He had ten half-brothers and at least one half-sister from his father’s other wives.  After years of waiting, one can imagine the joy he brought to Rachel when she […]

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Second Chances: Jacob

The story of Jacob takes up half of the book of Genesis in the Bible.  He is the patriarch of the Israelites. Jacob comes into the world grasping the heel of his brother, Esau.  God revealed to their mother, Rebekah that the two struggled in the womb.   This is a struggle that would continue not only for the rest of […]

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Bibilical Character Profiles

Biblical Character Profiles Leah:  The Unloved Wife                  Leagh knows what it’s like to be unloved and unwanted in a marriage. Through this character re-enactment you will discover how to lean on God for comfort and hope. Hannah: Trusting God                  Leagh knows how it is […]

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