Behind the Hymn: Majesty

This is Mama’s favorite song.  In honor of her birthday this week, I thought I would cover the history of this song of praise.

Jack W. Hayford

Jack W. Hayford

The song was written by Jack William Hayford, who is a pastor.  Rev. Hayford is said to have composed over 400 songs, hymns and musical works.

The inspiration for this song came from a 1977 vacation to Great Britain.  Rev. Hayford and his wife were touched by the symbols of royalty while traveling through England, Scotland and Wales.

This was the year of the 25th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II coronation.  The enthusiasm of the English people was infectious.  He began to realize that Christ wants His “church to have the same sense of loyalty and fellowship.”

The actions and symbols of the royal family made Rev. Hayford think about Christ and His kingdom.  He began to consider the majestic presence of God and his “regal nature”.

Worship HIS Majesty!

Worship HIS Majesty!

Rev. Hayford recalls, “One day, as Anna and I drove along together, the opening lyrics and melody of “Majesty” simply came to my heart. I continued driving, asking Anna to jot the words and melody line in the notebook she had beside her. (Because of this, she still laughingly insists that she “wrote” “Majesty”!)”

After returning home to California, Rev. Hayford completed the song.

His song has been sung and enjoyed by many for over 30 years.  Rev. Hayford reminds us that Majesty is a statement of worship that we can align ourselves with His Throne and His Kingdom. {Click here to read Rev. Hayford’s recollection of this hymn}.

How does Majesty remind you of how majestic is our Lord?

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