Book Review: Biblical Minimalism

Have you ever thought of downsizing?

In her book, Biblical Minimalism: Following Jesus from a Life of Abundance to a More Abundant Life, Cheryl Smith shares her story of downsizing from an overabundance of stuff to living a minimal life. She openly and honestly shares her struggles, issues and battles in learning to live with less and downsize. Along the way she provides Biblical truths and the lessons learned along her journey. She proves that Biblical Minimalism requires dying to self, learning to humble oneself and draw close to God. As she drew closer to the Lord and allowed him to work, he changed her heart, mind and life. She learned to live by the adage “He must increase, I must decrease”.

Cheryl states Biblical Minimalism is “a complete, whole-person release of anything unlike Jesus, a letting go of everything that hinders us from following Him wholeheartedly and single-mindedly, and a relinquishing of all that brings us under bondage to this earthly, very temporary life.”

If you are seeking a more minimal life and to draw closer to the Lord, then this is a book you will want to read.

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