The Essence of Me
Delve deep to discover who you are meant to be and God’s will for your life through a variety of personality assessments and inventories.

Behind the Looking Glass
We often put on a happy face to the outside world, but who are we behind the mask.  In this small group environment we remove the mask to reveal our inner hearts and struggles with other women.

We Have a Story to Tell
Behind each cover is a story to tell.  As with a good book, each person also has their own story to tell.  Discover how to share your story with others.

Reach for the Stars: Discovering God’s Will for My Life 
Your dreams are reachable, but to attain them you need a plan.  Leagh wasted too much of her life going through life without a plan.  She walks you through developing a plan and brainstorming ideas to overcome roadblocks along the way. 

Creative Praying
Discover creative ways to spend time with the Father and to connect with your hidden talents and creative desires.