What to Expect from Life Coaching

Why Hire a Life Coach

  • to get more out of life
  • to grow and produce results
  • to make changes faster and easier
  • to maintain progress towards goals
  • to establish and maintain balance in full life

What Results Can I Expect:

  •  A Life Coach that cares about you, your success, happiness and balance in life
  •  You will be better able to tackle barriers and obstacles that get in the way of achieving your goals
  •  You will develop specific plans for removing barriers and increasing supports
  •  You will discover new alternatives and approaches to your desired outcomes
  •  You will increase your awareness of choices and decision maker
  •  you will be provided structure, support and feedback to form action plans, make decisions and achieve your goals
  •  You will be able to define and achieve your personal and professional goals faster and easier

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How is Life Coaching Done?

  •  I offer a complementary 15 minute session to discuss your coaching needs, answer questions, get to know one another and see if we are a match for a coaching partnership
  •  Sessions are usually by phone appointment
  •  The Client will call the coach
  •  Sessions are usually 50 minutes in length
  •  Client may email coach in between sessions
  •  All sessions and client information is strictly confidential
  •  Payments are due the first of the month for that month’s sessions
  •  You may pay online via paypal

What will we talk about?

How you are…

•  How you are looking at your life.

•  What you feel good about.

•  What you are struggling with.

•  What you need personally to accomplish your goals.

What has happened since the last call…

•  What has occurred to you since the last call.

•  Breakthroughs and insights.

•  Any new choices or decisions you made.

What you are working on…

•  Progress report on your goals and activities.

•  What you’ve done that you are proud of.

•  What you are struggling against.

What is next…

•  What is the next goal or project to take on?

•  What is the next goal or distinction to get?

•  What do you want for yourself next?

How coach can help you…

•  Get motivated and unstuck

•  Move forward and set goals

•  Hold you accountable

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Coaching Model

  • Create and achieve specific goals, values and desires
  • Maximize personal fulfillment and achievement in life
  • Explore possibilities and create a vision for the future and live it
  • Maximize satisfaction and enjoyment in life
  • Based on learning and putting goals into action
  • Focused on discovering one’s strengths, talents, abilities and applying own knowledge
  • A co-creative partnership to promote positive change, inspiration, self-discovery, balance and design a better life
Therapy Model

  • Relieve or eliminate symptoms of pain and suffering
  • Stabilize and restore pre-illness level of functioning
  • Correct the wrongs and hurts of the past to restore the present
  • Minimize and avoid further pain, suffering and problems
  • Based on the medical model of treating an illness
  • Focused on symptoms and a diagnosis of one’s problematic behaviors and problems
  • Therapist as the expert and client as the patient trying to resolve issues and restore health