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Leagh: In Concert
Leagh shares her testimony of abuse, rebellion and depression through song and word.

Walking in HIS Kind of Love
Jesus greatest commandment was to love God with all your heart and then to love your neighbor as yourself.  This isn’t always easy, and there are just some people that seem downright unloveable.  Leagh takes a look at these commandments and shares her own experiences with loving difficult people, all while learning to love herself.
{Includes several songs}

Stories Behind Our Favorite Hymns 
Leagh incorporates the stories behind some of the favorite hymns with the singing of the hymns to share stories of redemption, hope and atonement.

Stories of our Favorite Composers 
Leagh shares the story of some of our favorites hymn composers and their journey through rebellion, loss and tragedy to finding Christ and bringing the gospel to life through song. 

Letting Go, Moving On: The Art of Forgiveness
Why should I forgive someone that hurt me?  That’s a common question, but the effects of forgiveness are amazing.  Leagh shares the damage Unforgiveness can cause and the healing forgiveness can bring.  She shares her own experience with overcoming a hardened heart and breaking through the barriers to forgiveness and freedom.

The Power of Music 
We live in an ever changing world. With social networking, mass shooting and bullying in the formost of our mind there are many factors that complicate our already hectic lives.  Leagh focuses on the benefits and healing power of music and the other arts to ward off the stressors that enter our day to day life.


Music is voice of soul

Leagh loves to perform for seniors.  She performs on a regular basis for area nursing homes, but is also available for churches and other groups.

Leagh performs:
Contemporary Christian

Leagh is available to share her testimony of:

or antidotes from:
Genealogy journey
Various travels
Caregiving responsibilities
Creative endeavors

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