Seminar Topics

 Seminar Topics

Proper Business Etiquette
Learn the proper business etiquette when you are on a business meeting, at a seminar, with business associates and in other professional situations.

 Dealing with Different Personalities
We all have someone in our life that is difficult to get along with.
We will probe into the four personality types to learn more about the personalities and their strengths or weaknesses. We will also discover our love languages.  Sometimes all we need to know is the right way to approach someone.

Seeking Financial Wellness
Are your finances out of control?  We will discuss the steps necessary to manage your finances and become debt free. Leagh will share her own struggles in this area and the lessons that she has learned along the way.

Explore Your Creative Side
Do you wish you were more creative?  Do you want to delve deeper into your creative side?
Leagh will give you tips and suggestions on how to dig deeper and become more creative.

The Effects of Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence affects not only the home life, but also the workplace and other aspects of our life.  Leagh shares her personal experience with domestic violence, as well as the effects on the workplace, ways to be supportive and tips for leaving a domestic violent situation.

Learning to Deal with Stress and Prevent Burnout   
We all have stress in our life!  The problem is the way we deal with stress.
Sometimes we allow stress to make us explode, while at other times we bury the stress.
Neither approach is healthy!  We will explore ways to deal with stress and exercises that will help us relax.


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