My Journey into Web Design

I never planned to get into web design, but like much of my story it was all a matter of consequence.  I tried for months to design my own website with much frustration.  I finally broke down and hired Keiki Hendrix to build my site.  I was surprised at how much I already knew and learned a considerable amount from her in the process.

I felt confident enough to build my remaining websites, after finishing with the main site.  After a few years, I had considerable issues with the web codes that crashed my site.  I hired Jim Ferguson  and he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  After crashing my site numerous times due to the code, my job coming to an end, and finances low, I had no other option than to reboot my site from scratch and start over.

After all of my experience on my own sites, I had several friends that also needed assistance with their websites.  In turn, I helped them and continued to learn and grow, while discovering what it was like to design for someone else.

Likewise, my knowledge of Logo design, graphic design, One Sheets and other such materials comes from the same experiences.

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