One Last Chance: Jehoram

King Jehoram was wicked

King Jehoram was wicked

Jehoram followed his father, Jehoshaphat, as King of Judah.  Jehoshaphat worshiped the Lord.  However, his son, Jehoram “did evil in the eyes of the Lord” {2 Chronicles 21: 6} and “forsake the Lord, the God of his ancestors.”

Edom rebelled against him, but he escaped when they surrounded him.

Elijah, the prophet, sent him a letter declaring that because of his evil and murderous ways God was about to take his revenge.  He killed men “who were better than you.” The Philistines attacked and carried off all of his goods, including his wife and children.  Only his youngest son, Ahaziah, remained.

Jehoram was then inflicted with a terrible disease of the bowels.  After two years, his bowels came out and he “died in great pain.” His people did not even mourn for him.  “He passed away to no one’s regret…and was buried…but not in the tombs of the kings.” {2 Chronicles 21:20}

King Jehoram suffered greatly for his sins

King Jehoram suffered greatly for his sins

So what can we learn from Jehoram?

  1. God repays evil with evil
  2. Even godly parents can wield a bad seed
  3. When we forsake God, he forsakes us
  4. He killed men better than him for what he wanted
  5. God warned of what was to come
  6. Jehoram suffered greatly, both physically and emotionally
  7. No one missed him when he died
  8. Disaster is the result of willing sin
  9. God did not forsake his covenant to King David. This was so the line would continue with Ahaziah.



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