Creativity Life Coach Seminars

Creativity Life Coach Seminars and Workshops

Release Your Inner Creativity

Releasing Your Inner Creativity
Through this three hour hands on workshop Leagh will give you tips on ways to release your inner creativity.

Your Inner Creative Self
In this seminar, Leagh will give you tips to move past the blocks in your life, set goals and move forwards with your hopes and dreams for the talents and skills with which you have been blessed.

Encouraging Your Child’s Creativity
                Is your child an artist in some way?  Maybe they are a musician, dancer, actor, artist, etc.   Do they have dreams of making a living in that medium, but you want them to get a “real” job?  Maybe they are young and starting to show promise in a particular area, but you want to know how to encourage and nurture the talent.  Leagh walks you through the process of encouraging, nurturing and emotionally supporting your child in their endeavors.

I want to be an artist!
                Do you have dreams of making a living as a musician, artist, dancer, actor or in another medium?  Leagh gives you guidance on the steps to take when you decide to pursue your gifts and make a living doing what you love.

Creative Praying
                       Discover ways to pray in which you use your creative side.  Did you know that you can pray using dance, motion, music and art?  We will explore ways to pray using these mediums with and without words.

 creativity is contagious