Classes for Homeschoolers

For Homeschoolers
{most of these courses are designed for a semester of study {16-20 weeks}.
Leagh will work with your schedule, but does not recommend trying to condense these classes in anything less than twelve weeks.}


Beginning Genealogy
Learn the tips and tricks to discover how to trace your family roots.

Music in America
Music has greatly evolved in America since the evolution of this country.  We’ll start with the music brought over on the Mayflower, move on to music during the Revolutionary War and Civil War and finish up in the 20th Century where a number of musical styles evolved.  Just a few of these styles that will be covered are Jazz, Big Band, Country and Rock Music.

Music of the World
Discover more about the musical styling’s around the world. From Asia to Africa, from Europe to South America we will learn more about the musical culture of these continents.

History of Musicals
We will discover how the modern musical developed over the last 150 years, starting with the evolution from opera, to Tin Pan Alley, to Broadway, the West End and Film Musicals.  We will get to know some of the top composers, lyricists, shows and performers of the day.

Classical Composers
Get to know Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, and other classical composers.  We will delve into both their personal life, compositions, musical styling’s and legacies.

Basics of Music Theory
Learn the basics of music theory.  We will learn to read sheet music and how to build on the basics.

Vocal Workshop
Learn the basics of singing, from warm-ups and breathing techniques, to pitch exercises and other basics.

Leagh is also available to conduct choral groups and recorder choirs.

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